Coaching for Parents


You are not alone: Two-thirds of parents feel burned out. Lyra can help. Get personalized parenting support to reduce stress and improve child behavior.

Support for all parents and caregivers

  • Address behavioral challenges (ages 3-17)

    • Tantrums, defiance, arguments

  • Handle difficult topics

    • Privacy, screen time, life transitions

  • Learn new parenting skills

    • Emotional awareness and regulation

    • Positive communication and cooperation strategies

    • Expectation setting and creating routines

An effective parenting approach

  • Dedicated coaching: Partner with a specialized parent coach to discuss challenges and implement evidence-based parenting strategies

  • Specialized content: Practice new skills between coaching sessions with short, digestible videos, exercises, and guides

  • Evidence-based approach: Learn research-backed techniques shown to improve child behavior and decrease parenting stress

Getting started

Connect with our Care Navigator team and ask for parent coaching to get started: [email protected]